114-0024 – Economics II. (Eko II)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Economics
Subject guarantorIng. Tomáš Wroblowský, Ph.D.
Study levelundergraduate or graduate
Subject version
Version codeYear of introductionYear of cancellationCredits
114-0024/01 1999/2000 2008/2009 0
114-0024/03 1999/2000 2008/2009 0
114-0024/04 1999/2000 2008/2009 4
114-0024/05 2004/2005 2008/2009 7
114-0024/06 2009/2010 2020/2021 7
114-0024/07 2009/2010 2020/2021 7

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

Student is able to analyze basic economic categories. Can explain the causes and consequences of the behavior of consumers, businesses, governments and central banks as the operation of sub-market products, money and production factors. Studnet has overview of the working mechanism of the national economy in the context of the global economy and is able to separate economic thinking.

Teaching methods



The course represents upgrading of economic theory studies for students of economic branch at the Faculty of metallurgy and material enineering. The main emphasis is laid on the behaviour of consumers, households, firms and government and on the understanding of mutual relationships among macroeconomic variables. Attention is also paid to the labour market and capital market. Also economic policy practised by governments and central banks has a very important role in the course.

Compulsory literature:

1. Jurečka, V. a kol. Mikroekonomie. Grada Publishing, Praha 2010. ISBN: 978-80-247-3259-6. 2. Jurečka, V. a kol. Makroekonomie. Grada Publishing, Praha 2010. ISBN: 978-80-247-3258-9.

Recommended literature:

1. Jurečka, V., Jánošíková, I. a kol.: Mikroekonomie. Učební text pro bakalářské studium. Ostrava. VŠB-TUO 2005. 2. Jurečka, V. – Jánošíková, I. a kol.: Makroekonomie. Základní kurs, VŠB- TU Ostrava, 2004.


Subject has no prerequisities.


Subject has no co-requisities.