116-0302 – Marketing Research A (MVA)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Marketing and Business
Subject guarantordoc. Ing. Vojtěch Spáčil, CSc.
Study levelundergraduate or graduate
Subject version
Version codeYear of introductionYear of cancellationCredits
116-0302/01 2004/2005 2009/2010 4
116-0302/02 2004/2005 2009/2010 4
116-0302/03 2004/2005 2009/2010 4
116-0302/04 2004/2005 2009/2010 4
116-0302/05 2010/2011 2010/2011 4
116-0302/06 2010/2011 4
116-0302/07 2011/2012 5
116-0302/08 2013/2014 2013/2014 4
116-0302/09 2017/2018 4
116-0302/10 2019/2020 5

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

1.To describe the research process. 2.To identify the suitable research method. 3.To design the questionnaire for market research. 4.To analyse the collected data. 5.To interpret the research results.

Teaching methods

Project work
Terrain work


The module explains the role of marketing research for managerial decision making. It brings an overview in the procedures, methods and techniques used for marketing research with an emphasis on modern digital processes. Within semester, students get practical experience in implementing specific research project.

Compulsory literature:

BURNS, Alvin C. and Ronald F. BUSH. Marketing Research. 7th ed. Boston: Pearson, 2014. 487 p. ISBN 978-0-273-76851-7. MALHOTRA, N. K., D. F. BIRKS and P. WILLS. Marketing Research. An Applied Approach. 4th ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2012. 1037 p. ISBN 978-0-273-72585-5. MALHOTRA, Naresh K. Essentials of Marketing Research: a Hands-on Orientation. Boston: Pearson, 2015. 432 p. ISBN 978-1-292-06016-3.

Recommended literature:

CHURCHILL, G. A. and D. IACOBUCCI. Marketing Research. Mason: South Western, 2010. 624 p. ISBN 978-0-324-35995-4. CLOW, Kenneth E. and Karen E. JAMES. Essentials of Marketing Research: Putting Research into Practice. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2014. 497 p. ISBN 978-1-4129-9130-8. SILVERMAN, David. Qualitative Research. 4th ed. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2016. 457 p. ISBN 978-1-4739-1657-9.


Subject has no prerequisities.


Subject has no co-requisities.