310-2112 – Mathematics II (MII)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
Subject guarantorIng. Petra Schreiberová, Ph.D.
Study levelundergraduate or graduate
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Version codeYear of introductionYear of cancellationCredits
310-2112/01 2019/2020 2022/2023 5
310-2112/02 2019/2020 4
310-2112/03 2019/2020 2020/2021 4
310-2112/04 2019/2020 4

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

Mathematics is essential part of education on technical universities. It should be considered rather the method in the study of technical courses than a goal. Thus the goal of mathematics is train logical reasoning than mere list of mathematical notions, algorithms and methods.

Teaching methods

Individual consultations
Other activities


Integral calculus of function of one real variable: the indefinite and definite integrals, properties of the indefinite and definite integrals, application in the geometry and physics. Differential calculus of functions of several independent variables. Ordinary differential equations of the first and the second order.

Compulsory literature:

Kreml, P.: Mathematics II, VŠB – TUO, Ostrava 2005, ISBN 80-248-0798-X

Recommended literature:

James, G.: Modern Engineering Mathematics. Addison-Wesley, 1992. ISBN 0-201-1805456


Subject codeAbbreviationTitleRequirement
310-2117 M1 Mathematics 1 Recommended


Subject has no co-requisities.