460-2001 – Algorithms I (ALG I)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Computer Science
Subject guarantordoc. Mgr. Jiří Dvorský, Ph.D.
Study levelundergraduate or graduate
Subject version
Version codeYear of introductionYear of cancellationCredits
460-2001/01 2010/2011 2012/2013 6
460-2001/02 2013/2014 2020/2021 5
460-2001/03 2015/2016 2020/2021 5
460-2001/04 2015/2016 2019/2020 4
460-2001/05 2019/2020 4
460-2001/06 2019/2020 4
460-2001/07 2023/2024 5
460-2001/08 2023/2024 5

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

To introduce students to problem solving techniques using algorithms. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: define and describe selected problem solving algortihmic techniques using, demonstrate these techniques on sample problems use these techniques to solve other problems, work with combinations of several techniques together.

Teaching methods



This course is one of the introductory programming courses. The course aims to introduce students to problem solving techniques, strategies, using algorithms. The algorithms and data structures discussed will be demonstrated in C++. Students are encouraged to analyze algorithmic problems and to synthesize solutions from smaller units.

Compulsory literature:

LEVITIN, Anany. Introduction to the design. 3rd ed. Boston: Pearson, 2012. ISBN 978-0-13-231681-1. CORMEN, Thomas H. Introduction to algorithms. 2nd ed. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2001. ISBN 02-620-3293-7. SEDGEWICK, Robert. Algorithms in C. 3rd ed. Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley, 1998. ISBN 978-020-1350-883.

Recommended literature:

STROUSTRUP, Bjarne. The C++ programming language. Fourth edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley, 2013. ISBN 978-0321563842. SCHILDT, Herbert. Teach yourself C++. 3rd ed. Berkeley: Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1998. ISBN 978-0078823923.


Subject codeAbbreviationTitleRequirement
460-2052 UPR Introduction to Programming Recommended
460-2054 FPR Functional Programming Recommended


Subject has no co-requisities.