714-0268 – Mathematics III (BcM3)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
Subject guarantorMgr. Jitka Krčková, Ph.D.
Study levelundergraduate or graduate
Subject version
Version codeYear of introductionYear of cancellationCredits
714-0268/01 1999/2000 2014/2015 5
714-0268/02 1999/2000 2019/2020 5
714-0268/03 2007/2008 2019/2020 4
714-0268/04 2011/2012 2019/2020 5
714-0268/05 2011/2012 2019/2020 5
714-0268/06 2014/2015 2019/2020 5
714-0268/07 2014/2015 2019/2020 5
714-0268/08 2014/2015 2019/2020 4

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

The aim of the course is to provide theoretical and practical foundation for understanding of the meaning of basic probability terms and teach the student to statistical thinking as a way of understanding of the processes and events around us, to acquaint him with the basic methods of statistical data gathering and analyzing, and to show how to use these general procedures in other subjects of study and in practice. Graduates of this course should be able to: • understand and use the basic terms of combinatorics and probability theory; • formulate questions that can be answered by the data, learn the principles of data collecting, processing and presenting; • select and use appropriate statistical methods for data analysis; • propose and evaluate conclusions (inferences) and predictions using the data.

Teaching methods

Individual consultations
Other activities


Combinatorics and probability. Random events, operations with them, sample space. Definitions of events' probability - classical, geometrical, statistics. Conditional probability. Total probability and independent events. Random variable and its characteristics. Basic types of probability distributions of discrete random variables. Basic types of probability distributions of continuous random variables. Random vector, probability distribution, numerical characteristics. Statistical file with one factor. Grouped frequency distribution. Statistical file with two factors. Regression and correlation. Random sample, point and interval estimations of parameters. Hypothesis testing.iables: two-dimensional integrals, three-dimensional integrals, line integral of the first and the second kind. Probabilities of random events: axioms of probability, conditional probability, independence. Random variables: discrete random variables, continuous random variables, expected values. Important practical distributions of discrete and continuous random variables.

Compulsory literature:

Kučera, Radek: Mathematics III, VŠB – TUO, Ostrava 2005, ISBN 80-248-0802-1

Recommended literature:

Kučera, Radek: Mathematics III, VŠB – TUO, Ostrava 2005, ISBN 80-248-0802-1


Subject codeAbbreviationTitleRequirement
714-0267 BcM2 Mathematics II Compulsory


Subject has no co-requisities.