Study block – Subject block without study plan - HGF - K

Academic year2014/2015Form of studyPart-time
Language of instructionCzechType of obligations for subjects in blockOptional
Block ownerFaculty of Mining and Geology
Intended for the facultiesFaculty of Mining and GeologyIntended for study programme
Intended for consultation centresIntended for field of study
Intended for study typesIntended for study specialization
Subjects included in block
WSCodeAbbreviationTitleYearEndingInstruction extentCreditsLanguage
PSP selection PSP selection 712-0101/02 Aa/I English Language a/I Cr 0+8 H/S 1 Czech
PSP selection PSP selection 712-0102/02 Aa/II English Language a/II Cr 0+8 H/S 1 Czech
PSP selection PSP selection 712-0103/02 Aa/III English Language a/III Cr 0+8 H/S 1 Czech

List of study plans where block is included
Ac. yearTitleFacultyProgrammeField of studySpec.FormTut. centre