Study block – ESME students

Academic year2018/2019Form of studyFull-time
Language of instructionEnglishType of obligations for subjects in blockOptional
Block ownerStudy Office
Intended for the facultiesFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceIntended for study programme
Intended for consultation centresOstravaIntended for field of study
Intended for study typesBachelorIntended for study specialization
Subjects included in block
WSCodeAbbreviationTitleYearEndingInstruction extentCreditsLanguageSubject guarantor (contact person)
PSP selection 400-2001/01 BPS1 Bachelor Project for Trainees 1 Cr 0+2 8 English doc. Ing. Petr Krejčí, Ph.D.
PSP selection 450-2032/04 ZKTE Basics of Constructions Technologies in Electronics CrEx 1+3 4 Czech, English doc. Ing. Bohumil Horák, Ph.D.
PSP selection 450-2047/02 RPB Building Control GC 2+2 4 Czech, English prof. Ing. Petr Bilík, Ph.D.
PSP selection 712-0003/02 CJ a/I Czech Language for Foreigners a/I - mobility - exchange programmes GC 0+2 2 Czech, English Mgr. Karolina Slamová, Ph.D.
PSP selection 450-2036/02 CSaS Digital Signals and Systems CrEx 2+2 4 Czech, English Ing. Zdeněk Macháček, Ph.D.
PSP selection 450-2092/02 VS Embedded Systems CrEx 2+2 4 Czech, English doc. Ing. Michal Prauzek, Ph.D.
PSP selection 450-2025/02 PAVŘS Programmable Controllers and HMI/SCADA Systems CrEx 2+2 4 Czech, English prof. Ing. Jiří Koziorek, Ph.D.
PSP selection 420-2004/02 BvE Safety in Electrical Engineering Ex 1+0 1 Czech, English doc. Ing. Vítězslav Stýskala, Ph.D.

List of study plans where block is included
Ac. yearTitleFacultyProgrammeBranch/spec.Spec.FormTut. centre