Study block – IPSA Paris

Academic year2021/2022Form of studyFull-time
Language of instructionEnglishType of obligations for subjects in blockChoice-compulsory
Block ownerStudy and International Office
Intended for the facultiesFaculty of Mechanical EngineeringIntended for study programmeMechanical Engineering
Intended for consultation centresOstravaIntended for field of study
Intended for study typesMasterIntended for study specialization
Subjects included in block
WSCodeAbbreviationTitleYearEndingInstruction extentCreditsLanguageSubject guarantor (contact person)
PSP selection 346-0001/03 AdTech Additive Manufacturing GC 6 H/S+0 2 Czech, English doc. Ing. Marek Pagáč, Ph.D.
PSP selection 352-0560/01 AUT Automation CrEx 2+2 4 English doc. Ing. Renata Wagnerová, Ph.D.
PSP selection 352-0561/01 ASP Automation: Linear Systems State Space Representation CrEx 1+1 2 English prof. Ing. Miluše Vítečková, CSc.
PSP selection 342-0671/01 AVIO Avionics Ex 24 H/S+0 H/S 4 English Ing. Lenka Kontriková, Ph.D.
PSP selection 352-0562/01 DCSD Digital Control System Design CrEx 2+2 4 English doc. Ing. Renata Wagnerová, Ph.D.
PSP selection 338-0547/01 IFdyn Ideal Fluid Dynamics CrEx 12 H/S+12 H/S 4 English doc. Ing. Sylva Drábková, Ph.D.
PSP selection 330-0101/01 IntMech Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations and Structural Dynamics CrEx 16 H/S+16 H/S 5 English doc. Ing. Jiří Podešva, Ph.D.
PSP selection 450-8301/01 MatA Microcontrollers and Their Applications CrEx 1+2 4 English doc. Ing. Michal Prauzek, Ph.D.
PSP selection 338-0548/01 RFDyn Real Fluid Dynamics CrEx 1+2 5 English prof. RNDr. Milada Kozubková, CSc.
PSP selection 470-8542/02 SMAD Special Methods of Data Analysis CrEx 2+2 5 Czech, English prof. Ing. Radim Briš, CSc.
PSP selection PSP selection 712-0003/02 CJ a/I Czech Language for Foreigners a/I - mobility - exchange programmes GC 0+2 2 Czech, English Mgr. Karolina Slamová, Ph.D.

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