040-0010/01 – Technical and Legal Regulations on Safety Engineering (TPPBI)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Occupational and Process SafetyCredits4
Subject guarantorIng. Petr HelánSubject version guarantorIng. Petr Helán
Study levelundergraduate or graduateRequirementCompulsory
Study languageCzech
Year of introduction2002/2003Year of cancellation2010/2011
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HEL53 Ing. Petr Helán
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Full-time Credit and Examination 3+1

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

Familiarization of students with valid legislation of the Czech Republic in the area of occupational safety and health and application of legal rules and technical standards to the exercising of the function of a safety professional.

Teaching methods


Students will be acquainted with the legislation valid in the Czech Republic concerning the area of occupational safety and health, especially with the Act No. 262/2006 Coll., Labour Code, and further with all the most important technical regulations related to occupational safety and health.

Compulsory literature:

- základní právní normy, zejména zákon č. 262/2006 Sb., zákoník práce - zákon č. 309/2006 Sb., o zajištění dalších podmínek BOZP - nařízení vlády č. 362/2005 Sb., práce ve výškach - nařízení vlády č. 591/2006 Sb., bezpečnost práce na staveništi - zákon č. 251/2005 Sb., zákon o inspekci práce - nařízení vlády č. 101/2005 Sb., bližsí požadavky na BOZP - zákon č. 258/2000 Sb., o ochraně veřejného zdraví - příslušné vyhlášky ČÚBP v oblasti vyhrazených technických zařízení - související nařízení vlády stanovené k zákonu k č. 262/2006 Sb., v platném znění - příslušné ČSN-EN, ISO normy mající vztah k BOZP

Recommended literature:

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Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

Překlad (česky > anglicky) 1st INTRODUCTION TO THE PROBLEM Basic concepts, key words and explanations of meanings - the right, law, government decree, decree, technical regulations, standards, recommendations, instructions to ensure the health and safety, operating instructions, local rules of operation 2nd LABOUR CODE - GENERAL PROVISIONS Act No. 262/2006 Coll. Labour Code, Part Five - OSH Head I to III., basic provisions, § 102 - risk prevention, risk work, health risks, Government Regulation No. 11/2003 Coll. 3rd LABOUR CODE § 103 - employers' obligations, § 103 - 1f, § 104 - the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), Government Decree No. 495/2001 Coll. More detailed conditions for the provision of PPE 4th LABOUR CODE § 105 - an employer's liability for occupational accidents and occupational diseases, the definition of an accident at work, Government Regulation No. 494/2001 Coll. The method of recording, sending alerts and a range of institutions where the work accident reports, compensation for industrial accidents and occupational diseases - § § 366, 367, 369 5th LABOUR CODE § 106 - Rights and duties of the employee, general working conditions, § 108 - employee participation in OSH issues, letter 5) 6th WORKPLACE AND WORK ENVIRONMENT Government Regulation No. 101/2005 Coll. Set on this issue, Decree No. 48/1982 Coll ČÚBP., Laying down basic requirements for ensuring safety, Government Regulation No. 378/2001 Coll. Detailed requirements for safe operation and use of machinery, technical equipment, instruments and tools - 5 attachments, a fifth annex - safety rules established for the operation of containers for bulk materials, manufacturing, metal working, the DIN-EN safety of machine tools, wood working, the DIN-EN, safety requirements in general, pressing and cutting, BS-EN for presses, forming machines in general, hammers, welding, the BS-EN 7th STATE SUPERVISION EXPERT (SOD) full text of Act No. 174/1968 Coll. promulgated in the Official Gazette No. 338/2005 Coll., as amended, explain activities of SOD, SLIO, OIP, ITI, Act No. 251/2005 Coll. on Labour Inspection , Act No. 102/2001 Coll. GPSD as amended by Act No. 146/2002 Coll. and No. 277/2003 Coll., Act No. 22/1997 Coll., as amended, safe product - definition 8th LAW FOR HEALTH WORKERS Act No. 20/1996 Coll. Care and Public Health, as amended, Act No. 258/2000 Coll. Protection of Public Health - Chief Health CR, Regional and District Health Officer - their powers, the Ministry of Health Decree No. 56/1997 laying down the content and time range of preventive medical examinations (as amended by Decree No. 183/2000 Coll. and No. 372/2002 Coll.) 9th RESERVED TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT - DEFINITIONS lifting equipment, Decree No. 19/1979 Coll ČÚBP., as amended, BS-ISO 12480 - cranes, competent person - the crane operator, slinger, signaller, safe system of work when operating a crane, lifts, platforms 10th RESERVED GAS EQUIPMENT Decree No. 21/1979 Coll ČÚBP., definitions, Decree No. 85/1978 Coll ČÚBP., monitoring, inspection, testing gas equipment, Decree No. 91/1993 Coll ČÚBP., ensuring work safety in low pressure boilers, the local rules of operation , professional tour boiler, facilities for gas, gas combustion, recommendations (TPG and TD), BS EN-1775 - house gas, the requirements for sampling points 11th ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT RESERVED Decree No. 73/2010 Coll. Coll. ČÚBP Decree No. 50/1978 Coll. Electrical capacity - a person educated, trained and knowledgeable people with higher qualifications in the field of electrical equipment, dedicated pressure equipment, Decree No. 18/1979 Coll ČÚBP., ČSN 69 0012 - Security requirements for the operation of TNS, passport container operator, handling pressure vessels - responsibilities, safety gear vessels - pressure gauges, watermarks, thermometers, safety valves 12th ACT No. 309/2006 Coll. TERMS OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE § 5 - Labour Organisation coordinator in the construction industry, Government Regulation No. 362/2005 Coll., Safety and health at workplaces with the risk of falling from a height or depth, Government Regulation No. 591/2006 Coll., Detailed requirements Works ... 13th TRANSPORT road transport, Act No. 13/1997 Coll. roads (Road Act), Act No. 361/2000 Coll. road, internal transport, DIN ISO 3691-A md + 1 - motor trucks, safety regulations, CSN 26 8805 - motor trucks, operation, maintenance, repairs, Government Regulation No. 168/2002 Coll., the employer's obligation in the operation of transport, railway transport, siding, vlečkař, displacement, transport timetables 14th WAREHOUSE AND STORAGE, HANDLING MANUAL BS-EN covering the issue, transportation equipment, conveyors, stacks, storage height, load capacity, requirements for storage, free dumps 15th RESERVE (Forestry, Agriculture, rules on safety and health in mining, concentrating removal and handling of timber, DIN EN 608-Agricultural and forestry machinery, chain saws, portable, safety, Government Regulation No. 27/2002 Coll., Work organization and working procedures related to animal breeding, the rules of the No. 19 safety in breeding animals)

Conditions for subject completion

Full-time form (validity from: 1960/1961 Summer semester)
Task nameType of taskMax. number of points
(act. for subtasks)
Min. number of points
Exercises evaluation and Examination Credit and Examination 100 (100) 51
        Exercises evaluation Credit 30 (30) 0
                Project Project 25  0
                Other task type Other task type 5  0
        Examination Examination 70 (70) 0
                Written examination Written examination 20  0
                Oral Oral examination 50  0
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