040-0064/01 – Security pyrotechnics (BPYR)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Occupational and Process SafetyCredits5
Subject guarantorIng. Stanislav Lichorobiec, Ph.D.Subject version guarantorIng. Stanislav Lichorobiec, Ph.D.
Study levelundergraduate or graduateRequirementChoice-compulsory
Study languageCzech
Year of introduction2010/2011Year of cancellation2011/2012
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LIC07 Ing. Stanislav Lichorobiec, Ph.D.
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Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

Increase the students have gained knowledge in the subject "Explosives and explosions effects" on other issues concerning the potential application of explosives in the industry and the military. Highlight the potential of malicious use of improvised explosive devices. Apply the elements of safety when working with explosives from practice people who work with them. Substantially broaden the horizons of students at orientation in this issue fireworks safety, highlight the potential for abuse and illegal production of explosives and categorize security features to protect people and property.

Teaching methods



The subject builds on skills already acquired in the course "Explosives and the effects of explosions. " Students meet in seminars with a range of selected terms used in this field for their orientation. Explain concepts such as: - suspicious objects and explosive system, clarify their purpose, malice, and the effects of their design. Parsing initiation systems, and representatives of the explosive substances used in the construction of improvised explosive devices. Sample to discuss the protection of persons, especially heavy pyrotechnic suit, used primarily for working with tripwire explosive systems. Means for identification, handling, examination and elimination of improvised explosive devices. Jammer remote firing and destructive devices. Discuss the principle of X-rays, as the basic method of screening of suspect objects. Explain the search and detection of explosives, pyrotechnics types of work and disposal of munitions found. Stress prevention and pyrotechnic safety inspections of premises, buildings and people, protection of important persons and objects, business type IRS in finding explosives, explosive or system, using radiological weapons and explosives storage in aircraft.

Compulsory literature:

M. Janíček, P. Drahovzal, Pyrotechnik in battle against terrorism, Prague 2001, M. Janíček, Pyrotechnická shelter from terrorism, Vyškov 2002, I. Hrazdíra, M. Kollár, Policejní pyrotechnics, Plzeň 2006, Special technology, I. A II. Part, Prague 1976, J. Henrych, Dynamika explosion and her use, Prague 1993.

Recommended literature:

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Subject has no prerequisities.


Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

1. Fission explosives, their characteristics and possibilities using these materials at construction mean explosive systems. 2. Availability and offhand production explosives for their possible to mean using. 3. Explosive effect on surroundings, capacity of work, brisance explosives and their practical assesment. 4. Rectified and cumulative action explosive charge, mechanism cumulation and constitution cumulative flow. 5. Initiatory systems used at construction mean explosive systems, their characteristics, purpose, effects and constructional constitution these mean systems. 6. Possibilities using materials CBRN at construction mean explosive systems. 7. Resources for their identification, handling, verification, pilling and liquidation mean systems. 8. Radiographic arrangement like basic way screenings mean systems, possibilities detection by the help of technology based on UWB systems, millimetre- terahertzových and infra - red waves. 9. Shielding remote inflammation and principle destructive arrangement based on principle inflexibility waters. 10. Resources used to protection persons. Pyrotechnic protective suit, compensation money manipulation resources, explosive containers for conveyance explosives, remote - controlled manipulators, shoot arms and principle so - called „ water bombshells". 11. Blasting cable, priming arrangement, exploder and material used to direct inflammation explosives. Seat power control tenderly nets, their structural design and calculation. 12. Fission ammunition and immittance agents. Sorts pyrotechnic washing. Searching, stripping and liquidation found unexploded ammunition. 13. Preventative and security pyrotechnic visit spaces, objects and persons. Detection explosives and possibilities cynology services at searching these materials. 14. Type activities components IZS at finding explosives, mean explosive system, mean system combination with materials CBRN – so - called "dirty bombshells" and finding explosives money on deposit on the plane. Assesment quarantine zone at the airport.

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