115-0543/02 – Cost Management and Price Strategy (CMPS)

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Subject guarantorIng. Kateřina Stanovská, Ph.D.Subject version guarantorIng. Kateřina Stanovská, Ph.D.
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Study languageEnglish
Year of introduction2014/2015Year of cancellation2020/2021
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ZEL089 Ing. Kateřina Stanovská, Ph.D.
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Full-time Examination 2+0

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

Introduce the basic concepts of cost theory, the classification of costs according to different perspectives and following methods of cost analysis. Understand the possibilites of using different methods and techniques of cost analysis to make optimal decisions on the efficient structure of cost inputs. Identify the critical control parameters and effects on costs and to characterize their influence on the process of cost management. - Compare and evaluate pricing strategies in response to specific business conditions and forecast their positive and negative impacts.

Teaching methods

Individual consultations


The aim of the lectures is to provide to students basic information about classification costs, creation of cost functions and using the functions in a practical conditions. It is followed by an overview of the pricing and creating pricing strategies, including their practical application.

Compulsory literature:

BESANKO, David, David DRANOVE, Mark SHANLEY a Scott SCHAEFER. Economics of strategy. 7th ed. Hoboken: Wiley Custom, 2017. 520 s. ISBN 978-1-119-37876-1. BRAGG, M. Steven. Cost Management Guidebook. 4th ed. Denver: Accounting Tools. 320 s. ISBN ‎ 978-1-6422-1052-1. SMITH, Steven and David STOUT. Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis. 8th ed. London: McGraw-Hill, 2018. 978 s. ISBN 978-1-2600-9172-4.

Recommended literature:

HIRSCHEY, Mark, Eric BENTZEN a Carsten SHEIBYE. Managerial economics. 15th ed. Andover: Cengage, 2019. 796 s. ISBN 978-1-4737-5835-3. SLACK, Nigel a Alistair BRANDON-JONES. Operations and process management: principles and practice for strategic impact. 5th ed. Harlow: Pearson, 2018. 600 s. ISBN 978-1-292-17613-0. SLACK, Nigel a Michael LEWIS. Operations strategy. 6th ed. Harlow: Pearson, 2020. 515 s. ISBN 978-1-292-31784-7.

Way of continuous check of knowledge in the course of semester

exam - written test


Other requirements

good knowledge of English language


Subject has no prerequisities.


Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

1. Characteristics of processes of management and business - The principles and objectives of these processes in an enterprise. - The role of costs in the economic system of the company. - Factors affecting the cost. 2. The concept and structure of costs in the business entity - Characteristics of financial, economic value and concept of costs. - Distribution of costs (generic, self-serving, depending on the volume carried performance for decision-making purposes). - Practical applications of the various classifications in terms of business. 3. Production function - Basic characteristics of the production function. - Approaches to the analysis of production functions, possible applications of the conclusions. 4. Cost function - Basic principles of cost theory. - Characteristics of cost functions. - Approaches to the analysis of cost functions and practical applications. 5. Methods for determining cost functions - Classification method. - Orientation simple methods (two periods, the graphical method). - Statistical methods. - Method of Newton's interpolation polynomial, the conditions of use. - Use of cost functions in cost management. 6. Cost calculations - Breakdown of calculations based on various criteria. - Costing techniques, calculation methods. - Use of cost calculations in the specific business conditions. 7. Standardisation costs - Types of cost standards and how they work. - Cost management in the enterprise with using of standard cost method. 8. Competitive cost strategy of the business entity - Competitive advantage and value chain. - Drivers of cost factors that affect them. 9. Practical techniques and methods of cost management in the business entity - Control of fix costs. - Control of variable costs. - The evaluation criteria in the process of cost management. 10. Basic principles of the theory of demand and pricing - The law of demand and its practical application, - Price elasticity of demand (including the cross, respectively income elasticity) and the factors that affect it. - Classification of forms according to the market price criteria, Amomso-Robinson relationship. 11. The pricing models - Characteristics of price equilibrium in the perfect and imperfect market. - Cost-political models of monopolistic and oligopolistic firms (various criteria). - Applications in concrete terms. 12. The practical orientation of pricing in the business entity - Cost oriented price and their use in pricing strategy. - Demand-orientation of prices and business practices in its application. - Competitive and sectoral orientation of pricing as a basis for conflict-free pricing strategies. 13. Cost strategy of the business entity - Strategies for new products marketed. - Strategies for implementing sale. - Choice of pricing strategies according to the conditions of competition. - Price differentiation strategy and its forms. 14. Practical aspects of pricing decisions in the business entity - Cost Control, its place and role in corporate structure. - The objectives of pricing, price controls, price discounts and rebates, in-house prices. - Legal aspects of pricing in the company.

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