338-0542/02 – Applied mechanics in JE (AMvJE)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Hydromechanics and Hydraulic EquipmentCredits5
Subject guarantorprof. RNDr. Milada Kozubková, CSc.Subject version guarantorprof. RNDr. Milada Kozubková, CSc.
Study levelundergraduate or graduateRequirementChoice-compulsory
Study languageCzech
Year of introduction2010/2011Year of cancellation
Intended for the facultiesFSIntended for study typesFollow-up Master
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BOJ01 doc. Ing. Marian Bojko, Ph.D.
KOZ30 prof. RNDr. Milada Kozubková, CSc.
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Full-time Credit and Examination 2+2
Part-time Credit and Examination 8+2

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

Students will learn the physical meaning of laminar and turbulent fluid flow. Methods of mathematical modeling will be used to design a mathematical model of flow in applications aimed at solving of natural convection flow, flow of contaminants and particles, wall heat transfer, radiation, multiphase flow. The solution will be compared with theory and experiments and determine the limits of solvability in the field of application.

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The course deals with physical significance of turbulence, mathematical models of laminar and turbulent flow with heat transfer, generally compressible gas flow. Software package ANSYS-FLUENT is applied as a tool for the solution of the fluid flow uses the finite volume method. Mathematical model is defined by system of partial differential equations and boundary and initial conditions considering excerpt common fluid boundary condition various temperature boundary conditions on walls, heat transfer and radiation conditions, species conditions. In detail classical turbulence models are defined. Theory is applied in the solution of engineering fluid flow problems, e.g. flow around obstacles, flow with Archimedes forces, natural convection, heat transfer. radiation, multiphase flow.

Compulsory literature:

ANSYS FLUENT INC. FLUENT 12.16- User’s guide. [Online]. c2009. Dostupné z: < URL:http://sp.1.vsb.cz/DOC/Fluent_12.0.16/html/ug/ /main_pre.htm >.

Recommended literature:

NIKOLAY I. KOLEV. Multiphase flow dynamics. 1, Fundamentals / - 2nd ed. Berlin : Springer, c2005 - xxxv, 753 s. : il. + 1 CD-ROM ISBN 3-540-22106-9

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no .


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Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

L - Lecture, E - Exercise 1. L.: Introduction, numerical modeling of flow - various commercial systems, Fluent - physical models, turbulence models, methods of solving heat transfer, mass and momentum, commercial systems for the solution of flow, solved examples from the company, department, environmental jobs E: Working on workstations, Windows, Introduction to Fluent 2. L.: The continuum hypothesis, the physical properties of solids and fluids, dimensionless criteria E: Creating geometry in ANSYS-meshing, the environment, drawing basic services. Modeling of laminar flow in a 2D geometry, graphical evaluation of results 3. L: Definition of transfer, convection, diffusion, transfer balance equations, boundary conditionsC E: Creating a sudden expansion geometry, flow methods of networking with a sudden expansion flow cross-section geometry, boundary conditions 4. L: Numerical methods, difference methods, geometry creation, grid, convergence, and the residuals. E: Grid 2D and 3D, grid control, export to Fluent 5. L: Heat transfer by conduction, boundary conditions, one-dimensional heat conduction, time-dependent solutions. E.: Modelling of heat conduction in different materials, 6. L: The basic equations of mass transfer of momentum and energy - the continuity equation, Navier-Stokes equations, energy equations, boundary conditions. E: Time-dependent solution of heat conduction 7. L: Solution of conduction and convection in laminar flow, boundary conditions for thin wall with heat transfer in flow around the plate. E.: Modelling of laminar flow in a rectangular space, graphical evaluation of results 8. L: Turbulent flow, Reynolds equation and continuity equation, k-eps turbulence model, boundary conditions, wall functions, the influence of network quality on the choice of wall functions, solution of conduction and convection in the turbulent flow around plates E: Modeling of turbulent flow in a rectangular gap and conduction in the wall, graphical evaluation of results 9. Wrap pipes and pipe wraping with heat transfer E: Modelling of turbulent flow in the pipe wrap 2D, evaluation of thermal performance, Nusselt number 10. L: Flow across a bundle of tubes arranged in a row and a cross E: Solution of individual work 11. L: Analysis of heat exchangers, heat output and heat dissipation and performance, methods of calculating the heat exchanger. E: Solution of individual work 12. L: Solution co-flow and counter-flow heat exchanger E: Solution of individual work 13. L: Calculation of the heat exchanger of water-air and co- and counter-flow spiral heat exchanger E: Solution of individual work 14. Consultation C: Presentation of seminar papers, credit

Conditions for subject completion

Part-time form (validity from: 2011/2012 Winter semester)
Task nameType of taskMax. number of points
(act. for subtasks)
Min. number of points
Exercises evaluation and Examination Credit and Examination 100 (100) 51
        Exercises evaluation Credit 35  20
        Examination Examination 65  31
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