361-0543/04 – Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources III (AOZE3)

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Subject guarantorIng. Zbyszek Szeliga, Ph.D.Subject version guarantorIng. Zbyszek Szeliga, Ph.D.
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Year of introduction2014/2015Year of cancellation2017/2018
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SZE75 Ing. Zbyszek Szeliga, Ph.D.
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Students get some knowledge about actual state, potential expectation of using water and wind energy in the Czech Republic and over the world. It points out pro-and-con of those technologies in context their influences at environment, electricity sector. The main aim is to be well informed, than the student`s knowledge is the base for developing their capabilities and competences to determine the proper and suitable applications of renewable sources in the exact area. They study theoretic principles of conversion of wind energy on the rotor of wind power plant and water energy on the water turbine, the effectivity of energy transformation and basic datas of service, technical knowledge from lectures are used in tutorials, in the basic calculations of parameters in selected machines. Students get the basic knowledge about historical development and present level of technologies, and those knowledge is used during the designing of the new technologies. Students get skills connecting with determination of annual wind and water power profit in exact areas, by application of knowledge from lectures and tutorials students will be able to do the power audit of current systems or project of power evaluation of expected building in a given conditions and power unit.

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The subject deals with utilization of water and wind energy. Students gain knowledges about actual state, potentials and expectations utilization these renewable sources in the Czech Republic and in the world. Further the theoretical fundamental principles of energy conversions on hydro turbines and wind rotors, the calculation of an annual energy gains are taught. Shortly there is devoted an attention also to energy of seas.

Compulsory literature:

Hau. E.: Wind Turbine. Fundamentals, Technologies, Application, Economics. Springer, Berlin 2005 Warnick.C.C: Hydropower Engineering. 1984. ISBN-13: 978-0134484983

Recommended literature:

Gash, R.; Twele, J.: Wind Power Plants. Fundamentals, Design, Construction and Operation. Solarpraxis AG, 2002. ISBN 3-934595-23-5 Zowski, S., J.: Water Turbines, Contributions to Their Study, Computation and Design. 2006. ISBN: 1333403046

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Subject syllabus:

1st Hydro and wind power - characteristics. 2nd Hydropower. The energy of water in nature, possibilities of using ofhydro potential. 3rd technically exploitable potential, runoff curve 4th Basic types of water plants, instead of the electricity system. 5th Water turbine - Theory basics. 6th Pelton, Francis, DERIAZ, Kaplan turbine, construction, 7th Water turbine - the characteristics, regulation of water turbines, the theory of similarity. 8th Hydroelectric power plants. 9th Energy use of the seas. 10th Wind energy. Features wind exploitable potential. 11th Wind rotors - basic theory of resistance and aerodynamic. 12th Basic characteristics of wind power, regulation. 13th Wind power, fundamental parameters, distribution, construction

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