544-0024/05 – Geodesy and Mine Pit Surveying (GMP)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of Geodesy and Mine SurveyingCredits6
Subject guarantorIng. Jiří Pospíšil, Ph.D.Subject version guarantorIng. Jiří Pospíšil, Ph.D.
Study levelundergraduate or graduateRequirementCompulsory
Study languageEnglish
Year of introduction2018/2019Year of cancellation2019/2020
Intended for the facultiesHGFIntended for study typesBachelor
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LoginNameTuitorTeacher giving lectures
CER51 doc. Ing. Pavel Černota, Ph.D.
DOR0019 Ing. Jiří Dorda, Ph.D.
KAP74 doc. Ing. Roman Kapica, Ph.D.
MUC40 Ing. Jitka Mučková, Ph.D.
POS143 Ing. Jiří Pospíšil, Ph.D.
SLA40 doc. Ing. Dana Vrublová, Ph.D.
Extent of instruction for forms of study
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Full-time Credit and Examination 2+3
Part-time Credit and Examination 15+0

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

The goal is to teach students the principles and practical surveying quarries and the production of maps.

Teaching methods

Individual consultations
Project work


The subject contents the basics of geodesy (measurement methods of angular, distance, height, trigonometrical and traverse calculation in point networks), methods of quarry mapping, map documentation of quarry and computing methods for cubages determination of extracted raw material.

Compulsory literature:

GAVLOVSKÝ, E. Zaměřování a mapování lomů. Skripta VŠB Ostrava 1990 HAJKR, O., NESET, K. Geometrie nerostných ložisek. SNTL Praha 1978 GAVLOVSKÝ, E. aj. Geodézie, Sylabus na CD, VŠB-TU Ostrava 2003 Schenk, J. Geodézie,ISBN 80-248-0782-3, VŠB-TU Ostrava, 2005

Recommended literature:


Way of continuous check of knowledge in the course of semester


Other requirements

Semestral project and final test.


Subject has no prerequisities.


Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

Lectures 1.Basic information about the object and environment measurement, shape and dimensions of the Earth elements, physical properties measurement environment. Basic surveying methods. Spot Field Czech Republic; Basic trigonometric relationships in the positional determining points, methods of positioning points, conditioning and alarm points BP Designation of geodetic 2.Manufacturers are not required elements, measuring directions and angles, a unit of angular degree quadrant device - Hranůlky; Theodolites - mechanical and electronic Methods for measuring angles; quadrant Magnetic devices; Flywheel quadrant apparatus 3.Měření lengths - measuring units, measuring length measuring devices - Measuring tapes. Measurement lengths of optical rangefinders - Geometric foundations of optical measurement. Rangefinders without battens. Rangefinders with battens. Lengths are measured by physical distance meters, rangefinders and pulse phase 4.Polohové determining points, trigonometric methods - Intersections forward. Intersections back. Polygonometrické job - Types of Polygonal programs combined approach - Metoda triangular chains; Metoda turf 5.Výškové determining points, CR Elevation foundation, tower point field Geometric leveling - principle, leveling devices, aids and accessories; Height measurement of geometric leveling, basic leveling procedures; Processing leveling, trigonometric height measurements Identify the height of the building Hydrostatic height determination; Barometric altitude destination 6th Spatial identification points - Photogrammetry, Global Positioning System 7th Mapping application of geodetic methods of mapping in large scales; Detailed topographic measurements - Orthogonal method; Polar method 8th Detailed altimetric measurements tacheometry - Apparatus; Tour measurements. Evaluation of measurement, contour, elevation profiles. 9th Engineering and industrial applications - Setting out the work, identification of areas and volumes - Analytical methods for determining areas, mechanical methods for the determination of areas - Polar planimeter, planimeter hairs; 10th Calculation of volumes; method of horizontal slices, the method of vertical slices rovoběžných, method of determining the volume of a square grid. 11th Types of surveying documentation quarries, quarry base map, it puts leaves ZML, Existing coordinate and height systems. Exercise: 1st Calculation of the first and 2 inverse problem, transmission lines into sharp angles for calculating trig. functions. 2nd Calculation of forward intersection and resection calculator - forms and plans observation 3rd Description theodolite, a simple measurement of the angle in the hallway outside 4th Orientation angles and lengths Gaza Traverse, 5th Processing scrapbook measured angles and distances, calculating the systematic Error 6th Calculation oriented Traverse - a form of calculation, field sketch 7th Technical leveling, focusing party points - calculated Notebook 8th Orthogonal method for detailed mapping - field sketch 9th Tacheometry associated with topography - a field sketch pad 10th Planimeter measurements of areas to calculate the volume of earth 11th Construction of map reading and quarries. Q: According to the outline of lectures.

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2018/2019 (B2111) Mining (2101R013) Mining of Mineral Resources and Their Utilization P English Ostrava 1 Compulsory study plan

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