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Gurantor departmentDepartment of Environmental EngineeringCredits5
Subject guarantorRNDr. Jana Nováková, Ph.D.Subject version guarantorMgr. Daniela Tkačíková
Study levelundergraduate or graduateRequirementCompulsory
Study languageCzech
Year of introduction2006/2007Year of cancellation2014/2015
Intended for the facultiesHGFIntended for study typesFollow-up Master
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TKA20 Mgr. Daniela Tkačíková
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Full-time Credit and Examination 2+2

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

- Provide an overview of the classification of information resources, requirements for bibliographic records - Become familiar with the kinds of data bases and means of disseminating information - Master vouchsafe with bibliographic systems

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Professional and scientific information is the basis of university education as well as scientific research. The ability to find, monitor and process information saves times and increases the quality of the results of studies and scientific research. Libraries are still the main source of primary documents. Nevertheless, currently an access to information is not provided only by classical library catalogues and printed bibliographies. The focus is shifted towards electronic sources and services – data bases on CD-ROMs and network information available by means of the Internet. A necessary precondition for independent effective work with information is knowledge related to processing, storing and looking up information in the electronic systems. The objective of the course is to provide the students with the opportunity to obtain necessary knowledge that will facilitate their orientation in traditional documents, library information sources and service or other information workplaces, including the capability of independent work with electronic sources. The course should enable the students to obtain basic information literacy that will be beneficial not only in the course of their studies at university but also in further studies.

Compulsory literature:

ČSN ISO 690 : Bibliografické citace : obsah, forma a struktura. Praha : Český normalizační institut, 1996. 31 s. ČSN ISO 690-2. Informace a dokumentace : bibliografické citace : část 2: elektronické dokumenty nebo jejich části. Praha : Český normalizační institut, 2000. 24 s. KOČIČKA, Pavel, BLAŽEK, Filip. Praktická typografie. Praha : Computer Press, 2000. xiv, 288 s. ISBN 80-7226-385-4. (informace na s. 51-111) PAPÍK, Richard. Internet - ekonomické, marketingové a finanční aplikace : strategie vyhledávání a prezentace. Praha : Ekopress, 1998. 220 s. ISBN 80- 86119-03-3. RENDA, Miroslav. Internet Explorer 5.5 : podrobný průvodce začínajícího uživatele. Praha : Grada, 2000. 223 s. ISBN 80-247-0006-9. SATRAPA, Pavel. Internet s Windows 98 pro zelenáče. Praha : Neokortex, 1999. 208 s. ISBN: 80-902230-8-7. TKAČÍKOVÁ, Daniela. Informační zdroje Internetu a jak je efektivně využívat. Praha : Výpočetní centrum ČVUT, 1997. 76 s. ISBN 80-01-01650-1. TKAČÍKOVÁ, Daniela, ŠENOVSKÝ, Michail. Informační zdroje sítě Internet. Ostrava : Sdružení požárního a bezpečnostního inženýrství, 1998. 238 s. ISBN 80-86111-24-5. VYMĚTAL, Jan, VÁCHOVÁ, Miriam. Úvod do studia odborné literatury. Praha : Orac, 2000. 287 s. ISBN 80-86199-19-3. ZEDNÍČEK, Rostislav. Internet Explorer 5.5. Praha : Grada, 2000. 112 s. ISBN 80-247-9019-X. ŽID, Norbert. Orientace ve světě informatiky. Praha : Management Press, 1998. 391 s. ISBN 80-85943-58-1.

Recommended literature:

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Subject syllabus:

1st Lecture: Introduction, basic goals and structure, identification of available literature, importance of information literacy for lifelong learning and education, etc. Exercise: Introduction to Central Library services VSB-TU Ostrava, tour the library bid information about the library and electronic services in an environment of CL World Wide Web. 2nd Lecture: Information sources - nature and basic characteristics (monographs, periodicals, etc., primary, secondary and tertiary sources, traditional information sources versus modern information technology (data base on CD-ROM, online access, electronic documents on the Internet, etc.), the concepts of ISBN and ISSN. Exercise: Understanding specific types of information sources - both traditional and electronic (CD-ROM and the Internet). 3rd Lecture: Information systems - basic concepts of the theory of information systems, information system typology IS - documentographic information systems, factual information systems, expert systems, hypertext systems, etc., library information system, information industry and its products. Exercise: Introduction with examples of different types of systems and via the Internet Resources on CD-ROM. 4th Lecture: Information and library services - the types of services (lending, interlibrary loan services, "electronic document delivery", information, bibliographical, research, Information services industry, etc.), their characteristics and possibilities. Exercise: Practical examples of library and information services using the Internet. 5th Lecture: Information processing (record names, material processing - keywords subject headings, systematic languages ​​- MDT descriptors, thesauri, annotation, abstract, paper). Exercise: Practical demonstrations using traditional documents, online catalog, CL and Information Resources Central Library on CD-ROM (MDT database, Compendex, EconLit and the Czech National bibliography), and network resources on the Internet. 6th Lecture: Bibliographies, library catalogs, referátové journals, databases, search languages ​​and examples of use of these resources for finding information, either when search for specific documents or information sources to detect certain topic. Exercise: Searching for information in traditional sources, examples and demonstrations of electronic sources. 7th Lecture: Library and information systems in the CR field-oriented systems. Exercise: Understand the system of library and information services in the Republic through sources on the Internet. 8th Lecture: Bibliographic databases - typology (international, national, universal, or industry-specialized species, etc.), the possibility of their use through research services, producers and providers in the CR and abroad. Conditions for use of separate databases on CD-ROM, the basics formulation of the request, the search language. Exercise: Understanding specific types of databases on CD-ROM that makes the CL Network University of the Ultra * Net server (Compendex, ISSN Compact, Czech National bibliography). 9th Lecture: Using Internet resources and services to obtain information about basic services and Internet applications (e-mail, electronic Conference, USENET, ftp, telnet, gopher, World Wide Web, etc.), network addresses, Information about the software and used document formats, characteristics of available resources, with emphasis on sources of information useful at researching information. Exercise: Practical examples of individual services and applications on the Internet, getting to know basic software, examples of work with different document formats. 10th Lecture: Search services and tools on the Internet as a necessary means for work effectively with the resources to document - the types of search tools and services (Starting points pages, virtual libraries, subject-oriented search services, search engines, metahledače, unified search tools and other specialized services for finding people, addresses, e-mail, discussion groups, etc.), research strategies and techniques, using advanced methods of searching, Boolean operators and distance, the main principles for information retrieval, evaluation of search results. Exercise: Working with selected specific services representing different types search tools. 11th Lecture: Useful information sources on the Internet (information publishing, newspapers, magazines, electronic bookstore, library catalogs, freely accessible bases data, standards, patents, etc.) and the possibility of their use in identifying information with emphasis on learning the focus of participants lectures. Exercise: Practical exercises with the resources on the Internet home pages using the CL. 12th Lecture: Evaluation of quality information sources (traditional and electronic), Information and user ethics, "Netiquette", the issue of respecting copyright and copyright (including electronic resources and software), meeting with Czech copyright law - an important component of information literacy. Exercise: Examples of good information sources on the Internet, other information resources Internet usable for professional work (eg company information home sites of universities, scientific organizations and institutions, etc.). 13th Lecture: Information preparation of diploma work, etc., bibliographies and citations, standard ISO 690, citing electronic resources. Exercise: Separate to find a specific topic through the available Electronic Information Resources (Central Library online catalog, databases on CD-ROM resources on the internet). Formulation of research input and create an inventory of literature in accordance with the standard for bibliographic citations. 14th Lecture: Conclusion - brief information about the possibilities of electronic publishing environment Web (HTML, HTML editors, information architecture for Web site policies Design, document digitization, conversion to PDF, OCR, etc.), information about development of modern information technology, electronic and digital libraries etc. Exercise: Practical examples of sources on the Internet, work with your scanner, etc.

Conditions for subject completion

Full-time form (validity from: 1960/1961 Summer semester, validity until: 2012/2013 Summer semester)
Task nameType of taskMax. number of points
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Min. number of points
Exercises evaluation and Examination Credit and Examination 100 (100) 51
        Exercises evaluation Credit 33 (33) 0
                Other task type Other task type 33  0
        Examination Examination 67 (67) 0
                Written examination Written examination 30  0
                Oral Oral examination 37  0
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