617-0409/02 – Gas Fuels (PP)

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KOU37 Mgr. Ivan Koutník, Ph.D.
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To acquaint students with the occurrence, extracting and processing of gaseous fuels. Presentation of the latest knowledge in the use of gaseous fuels. The importance of gaseous fuels in global energy resources and environmental protection.

Teaching methods

Experimental work in labs


The issue of gaseous fuels and industrial gases, resources and acquisition, adaptation, distribution and storage. Ecological and economical aspect of gas processing.

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Subject syllabus:

1.Development in the gaseous fuels utilization in the world and CR. The use of gaseous fuels as an energy source and chemical industry raw material. Basic parameters of gaseous fuels, their significance and determination. 2.Methods of the coke oven gas desulphurization, blast furnace gas. 3. Gasification - general principles and basic types of reactors, coal gasification, biomass gasification. Lurgi, Koppers-Totzek, Winkler generators. 4. Theory of gasification, parameters affecting the quality of products. Coal gasification, biomass gasification, ways for reduction of unwanted components in output gas (tar, particulates, sulfur and nitrogen compounds). 5. Hydrogen production methods, utilization and perspectives. 6. Biogas, biogas stations, landfill gases. 7. Natural gas, the world's reserves and production of natural gas, natural gas trade. 8. Gas pipeline system in CR (Europe) available sources of natural gas and their qualitative indicators. 9. Extraction of natural gas, technical support of natural gas extraction, natural gas treatment. 10. Transmission of natural gas, compressor and transmision stations, gas flow measurement for commercial purposes. 11.Gas storage, gas tanks, underground gas storage facilities. 12. Propane - butane, their production, properties, storage, transport, utilization. 13. Underground gasification of coal. 14.Comparison of gaseous fuels, the possibility of their use and substitution. Ecological aspects of gas production and utilization, carbon dioxide sequestration. Seminary and Laboratory: 1. Physical properties of gases, terminology in gas technology. 2. The combustion characteristics of gaseous fuels, heat of combustion, calorific value. 3. Combustion stoichiometry of gaseous fuels. 4. Combustion temperatures of gaseous fuels, fuel gas ignitability. 5. Interchangeability of gas fuels, criteria, the Wobbe number, diagram of interchangeability. 6.Excursion to the gas distributor facility (Severomoravská plynárenská, a.s.) 7. Laboratory working with gaseous substances, gas and flue gas sampling. 8. Determination of the gas density 9. Measurement of basic parameters of gaseous substances - flow, pressure. 10. Explosion limits of gases and vapors. 11. Gas chromatographic analysis of flue gas. 12. Determination of contaminants in gaseous fuel mixtures (sulphan, ammonia ...) 13. Analysis of propane-butane mixture by distillation. 14. Excursion - underground gas storage facility.

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