617-3007/03 – Chemistry (CH)

Gurantor departmentDepartment of ChemistryCredits5
Subject guarantordoc. Ing. Michal Ritz, Ph.D.Subject version guarantordoc. Ing. Michal Ritz, Ph.D.
Study levelundergraduate or graduateRequirementCompulsory
Study languageCzech
Year of introduction2019/2020Year of cancellation
Intended for the facultiesHGFIntended for study typesFollow-up Master, Bachelor
Instruction secured by
LoginNameTuitorTeacher giving lectures
PAV33 Ing. Jan Pavelka, ING.PAED.IGIP
RIT37 doc. Ing. Michal Ritz, Ph.D.
SKU37 Ing. Radim Škuta, Ph.D.
Extent of instruction for forms of study
Form of studyWay of compl.Extent
Full-time Credit and Examination 2+2
Part-time Credit and Examination 8+8

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

Learn basic chemical concepts: atomic structure, chemical bonding, kinetics and thermodynamics. To realize the mutual connection and interconnection of these terms, learn to seek and find the connection - Periodicity characteristics. Apply acquired knowledge of general chemistry of the system of elements. Learning to work with the periodic table - to be able to position the elements in the periodic system to derive its basic chemical and physical properties.

Teaching methods

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Mass and its properties and structure.Structure of atom.Electron cloud.Basic chemical terms.States of matters.Chemical bond.Energetical changes on chemical reactions.Dispersion systems.Rate and equlibrium of chemical reactions. Electrolytic dissotiation. Oxidation-reduction reaction. Periodic system of elements.Prevalent properties of non-metal and metal elements and thier compounds.Carbon chemistry.Silikates.Macromolecular matters.Explosives.

Compulsory literature:

1. Langová Š., Leško J.: Basic chemistry, ES VŠB - TU Ostrava 2005

Recommended literature:

1. Chang R. Chemistry. Hightstown, USA, Mc Graw-Hill, 1991 2. Chang Raymond: Chemistry, 8th, New York 2005

Way of continuous check of knowledge in the course of semester

Credit test, oral exam.


http://katedry.fmmi.vsb.cz/Opory_FMMI/617/617-Kostura-Chemie-I.pdf http://katedry.fmmi.vsb.cz/Opory_FMMI/617/617-Kulveitova-Chemie-II.pdf

Other requirements

There are no additional requirements for students.


Subject has no prerequisities.


Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

Chemistry and its importance. The mass and its properties. Chemical formulas and equations. Basic terms. Amount of substance. Composition systems. Solutions. Construction of an atom. Atomic nucleus. The arrangement of the electron package. Periodic table of elements. Chemical bond. Properties of materials. Latent states of matter. Latent transition. The course of chemical reactions. Energy changes during the course of chemical reactions. Kinetics and equilibrium reactions. Electrolyte solutions. Electrolytic dissociation. Ionic equation. Acids, alkalis and salts. Exponent pH. Electrochemical processes. Oxidation-reduction reactions. Voltage range of metals. Galvanic cells. Electrolysis. Basic elements and their compounds. Hydrogen, oxygen, water and oxides. Significant non-metals - halogens, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus. Carbon. Coal, oil, natural gas. Silicon. Silicates. Technical silicate materials. Metals. Forms of occurrence processing. Technically important metal: s- block elements, p-block elements, d-block elements f-block elements.

Conditions for subject completion

Part-time form (validity from: 2019/2020 Winter semester)
Task nameType of taskMax. number of points
(act. for subtasks)
Min. number of points
Credit and Examination Credit and Examination 100 (100) 51
        Credit Credit 30  15
        Examination Examination 70  20
Mandatory attendence parzicipation: 75% attendance at the exercises is required.

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2020/2021 (N0724A290001) Mining of Mineral Resources P Czech Ostrava 1 Compulsory study plan
2020/2021 (N0724A290001) Mining of Mineral Resources K Czech Most 1 Compulsory study plan
2020/2021 (N0724A290001) Mining of Mineral Resources K Czech Ostrava 1 Compulsory study plan
2019/2020 (N0724A290001) Mining of Mineral Resources P Czech Ostrava 1 Compulsory study plan
2019/2020 (N0724A290001) Mining of Mineral Resources K Czech Ostrava 1 Compulsory study plan
2019/2020 (N0724A290001) Mining of Mineral Resources K Czech Most 1 Compulsory study plan

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