635-0917/02 – Thermodynamics of Ceramic Systems (TKS)

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Year of introduction1999/2000Year of cancellation2011/2012
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TOM32 doc. Ing. Václava Tomková, CSc.
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Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

1. Student will be able to characterize the fundamental concepts and the relation of thermodynamics of homogeneous states. 2. Students will be able to solve and express equilibrium in heterogeneous chemical systems. 3 Students will be able to define and apply the phase equilibria in single and multicomponent systems.

Teaching methods

Individual consultations


Fundamental concepts and axioms of thermodynamics, standard states. Monocomponents systems, phase transformations. Chemical and phase equilibria in homogenous systems. Tabulating of thermodynamic data. Chemical and phase equilibria in the heterogeneous systems: equilibrium solidus-gaseous, liquidus-gaseous, condensed systems (binary, ternary and multicomponental). Thermodynamic of phases interfaces. Nucleation and crystallisation.

Compulsory literature:

[1] ŠATAVA, V., RYBAŘÍKOVÁ, L., MATOUŠEK, J. Fyzikální chemie silikátů I. Praha : SNTL, 1986. [2] HÁLA, E., REISER, A. Fyzikální chemie I. Praha : NČSAV, 1960.

Recommended literature:

[3] MOORE, W. J. Fyzikální chemie. Praha : SNTL, 1981.

Way of continuous check of knowledge in the course of semester

2 průběžné hodnocené testy.


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Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

Lectures: 1. The first law of thermodynamics, the expression for a defined process conditions. Enthalpy, heat of reaction, the standard states. 2. Calculation of reaction heat from combination enthalpy. Calculation reaction heat of combustion and the dissolution enthalpy. 3. Heat capacity. The dependence of the reaction heat on temperature. 4. Second law of thermodynamics. Entropy. United formulation 1. and 2. law of thermodynamics. 5. Dependence of entropy on the state variables. Entropy change during phase transformations and chemical reactions. Energy functions F and G and their dependence on state variables. 6. Conditions of thermodynamic equilibrium for specific types of systems. Partial molar quantities, Gibbs - Dűhem equation. 7. The balance in the 1-component system, the Clapeyron equation. Clausius - Clapeyron equation, applications. 8. Enantiotrophic and monotrophic conversion of single-component system. Polymorphic transformation 1 and 2 order. 9. The equilibrium constant of chemical reaction, its dependence on the temperature. 10. Alternative determination and equilibrium constants. The equilibrium constant of decomposition reaction of type AB (s) → A (s) + B (g) use. Seminars: 1. Gibbs phase law, usage. 2. Thermodynamic analysis of 2-component system, binary phase diagrams. 3. Rules of representation 3 - and 4 - component systems, ternary phase diagrams. 4. Richardsons-Jeffes chart, relative stability of oxides. 5. Reduction of oxides by hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Reduction of carbon oxides. 6.. Stability of oxides at different press of oxygen.

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2011/2012 (P2106) Metallurgy (2109V037) Thermal Engineering and Fuels in Industry K Czech Ostrava Choice-compulsory study plan

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