9360-0237/02 – Thermodynamics and kinetics of nanomaterials (TKN)

Gurantor departmentCNT - Nanotechnology CentreCredits10
Subject guarantorprof. Ing. Jana Seidlerová, CSc.Subject version guarantorprof. Ing. Jana Seidlerová, CSc.
Study levelpostgraduateRequirementChoice-compulsory type B
YearSemesterwinter + summer
Study languageEnglish
Year of introduction2020/2021Year of cancellation
Intended for the facultiesFMTIntended for study typesDoctoral
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SEI40 prof. Ing. Jana Seidlerová, CSc.
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Full-time Examination 20+0
Part-time Examination 20+0

Subject aims expressed by acquired skills and competences

The aim of the subject is to acquaint the students with advanced method of thermodynamic and kinetic study of chemical reaction from both theoretical and experimental point of view. At the end of the course, students should be able to apply their knowledge to a specific method of nanoparticles preparation and study of photocatalytic properties of nanomaterials or nanocomposites. The course also includes a short introduction to the theory of chemical reactors, which should help the students in the implementation of the experiments.

Teaching methods

Individual consultations


Předmět je zaměřen na metody studia termodynamiky a kinetiky chemických reakcí jak ze stránky teoretické, tak experimentální. Studenti budou seznámeni s výpočtovými metodami chemické termodynamiky a kinetiky, které budou moci uplatnit při plánovaní a vyhodnocování experimentu.

Compulsory literature:

P. W. Atkins, J. Paula, Atkin´s Physical Chemistry, Oxford UP 2003. ISBN 0198792859L K. N. TU and Andrej M. GUSAK. Kinetics in nanoscale materials. Hoboken: Wiley, c2014. ISBN 978-0-470-88140-8 H. Kuhn, H.D. Forsterling, D. H. Waldeck, Principles of physical chemistry, Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, 2009. ISBN: 9780470089644 (cd), 0470089644 (cd)

Recommended literature:

J. Elliott, Workbooks in chemistry, Oxford University Press, E. Pageth (Editor) 2017. ISBN: 978-0-19-872949-5 De Lasa, I. Hugo. B. Serrano-Rosales and M. Salaices. Photocatalytic reaction engineering. New York: Springer, c2005. ISBN 0-387-23450-0

Way of continuous check of knowledge in the course of semester

Zpracování seminární práce na zadané téma v min rozsahu 5 stran formátu A4, ústní zkouška.


Other requirements

To elaborate teatise on given topis.


Subject has no prerequisities.


Subject has no co-requisities.

Subject syllabus:

Lectures 1. Chemical thermodynamics of reacting systems – the thermochemical laws, equilibrium states 2. Equilibrium in gaseous, liquid and heterogeneous systems 3. Equilibrium in systems with simultaneous chemical reactions 4. Equilibrium in systems with more chemical reactions 5. Kinetics of homogeneous chemical reactions 5. The integral transformation equations for simple and complex isothermal chemical reactions 6. Velocity constant of chemical reaction, its expression and calculation. 7. Evaluation of isothermal experimental data of chemical reactions 8. Dependence of equilibrium composition and rate constant on temperature of chemical reactions 9. Evaluation of non-isothermal experimental data of chemical reactions 10. Catalytically affected chemical reactions 11.-12. Realization of chemical reaction - fundamentals of chemical reactor theory 13. - 14. The integral transformation equations for different types of chemical reactions

Conditions for subject completion

Part-time form (validity from: 2020/2021 Winter semester)
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Examination Examination   3
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2022/2023 (P0719D270003) Nanotechnology P English Ostrava Choice-compulsory type B study plan
2022/2023 (P0719D270003) Nanotechnology K English Ostrava Choice-compulsory type B study plan
2021/2022 (P0719D270003) Nanotechnology P English Ostrava Choice-compulsory type B study plan
2021/2022 (P0719D270003) Nanotechnology K English Ostrava Choice-compulsory type B study plan
2020/2021 (P0719D270003) Nanotechnology P English Ostrava Choice-compulsory type B study plan
2020/2021 (P0719D270003) Nanotechnology K English Ostrava Choice-compulsory type B study plan

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